Creech Meat Market



Why Choose Us?

We offer QUALITY MEAT at exceptional prices. All our products are made in-house using the best and freshest ingredients available. Cooked and Smoked On-Site. Our boudin stuffed pork chops and chickens are one-of-a-kind using our hand made spice blend and our homeade boudin recipe. For authentic Louisiana flavor shipped nationwide directly to your door, this is your HAPPY place!! 

You'll come back and visit because GOODBYES ARE COMPLICATED, especially where meat is involved.

About Us

Creech Meat Market

Our mission is to put a smile on your face! We offer quality products that can't be replicated anywhere in the south. Making our own smoked sausage in a variety of flavors, our own homeade boudin and seasoning our products with our special house blend of spices chock-full of Louisiana flavor, we are one-of-a-kind!! If you are anywhere nearby, stop in and visit. You will find authentic Louisiana products including Tony Chachere's products, Panola products, Louisiana Fish Fry products and friendly service. For those folks who are not able to shop local, we hope this website can offer a sampling of our products, the same great service and put a smile on your face!


We offer wonderful unique gift items all centered around the great state of Louisiana and southern living. Hand-cut steaks of the finest quality, lunchmeat & good old-fashioned red rind hoop cheese, Swamp Pop, Panola products, charcuterie section and so much more. If you are anywhere close to us, please stop and visit! Our quaint southern small town charm and amazing food are why WE ARE WORTH THE DRIVE.


210 Marietta St. OakGrove, La USA

Business Hours


10:00 am - 6:00 pm